May Meeting

Tuesday • May 15th 2018 • 6 – 9 PM

Old Market Pub • 6959 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR

6 PM — Social

6:45 PM — Dinner

(Salad & Pizza)

7:30 PM — Presentation

Reservations by 4 PM Friday, May 11th. Dinner is FREE* and PLI is hosting beverages!

*There is a $2 surcharge for those who do not reserve by the deadline

Reservations can be made here: RSVP by 4pm Friday, May 11th

May Meeting Double Feature —
Annual Student Night and Bridge of the Gods Landslide

Guest Speaker: Nick Zentner

Central Washington University geology professor Nick Zentner will discuss new research on the Bridge of the Gods Landslide in the Columbia River Gorge. Also known as the Bonneville Landslide, the date of the slide has been narrowed to a 25-year window and a new discussion of a potential trigger for the slide will be featured.


  • Samantha Abel, WOU, Sediment Transport and Spawning Gravel Maintenance
  • Adam Baron, WOU, Turbidity Effects on Water Quality and Habitat
  • Nick Barrera, WOU, Small Dam Removal and Geomorphic Response
  • Cassie Borcher, WOU, The Role of Woody Debris and Channel Bed Composition in Salmonid Habitat
  • Jared Bynum-Lewis, WOU, Channel Form and Morphology: The Meander Problem
  • Tunya Dhevaphalin, WOU, Fish Passage and Culvert Modification
  • Sophie Hall, WOU, Stream Temperature and Salmonid Habitat Quality
  • Kara Kingen, PSU, Estimating Sand Loss: Using eolian sand ramps as a proxy for
    estimating past erosion within the Lincoln City Dune Sheet; Lincoln City, Oregon.
  • Václav Kuna, OSU, Mode of slip and crust-mantle interaction at oceanic
    transform faults
  • Ethan Muncrief, WOU, Wood Placement and Habitat Modification
  • Lance Nielsen, WOU, Channel Incision and Bank Erosion
  • Nicole Niskanen, WOU, Nutrient Supplementation and Water Quality
  • Zach Nuhring, PSU, δD Variability in Volcanic Glass Preparation Methods
  • Aaron Orr, WOU, Streamflow Hydrology and River Restoration
  • Maddie Peterson, WOU, Floodplain Connectivity and Side Channel Restoration
  • Walter Schoen, WOU, Overview of River Restoration Practice in the Pacific Northwest
  • Peggy Smith, WOU, Riparian Vegetation and Habitat Restoration
  • Makani Stormont, WOU, Channel Modification and Engineered Solutions
  • Austin Wegner, WOU, Sediment Transport and Gravel Distribution

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