May Meeting

Tuesday • May 21st 2019 • 6 – 9 PM

Old Market Pub & Brewery 6959 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR 97223

6 PM — Social Hour

6:45 PM — Dinner

7:30 PM — Presentation

Dinner pricing is as follows:

$25 – Private Industry • $20 – Public Agency • FREE for students

*There is a $2 surcharge for those who do not reserve by the deadline

Reservations can be made here: RSVP by 12 PM Monday, May 20th

May Meeting Double Header – Annual Student Poster Night and
Registration of Geologists in Oregon Since 1977, OSBGE

Speaker: Scott Burns

Poster Topics:

  • Assessing the space and time correlation between co-CRBG rhyolites and rhyolites of the High Lava Plains trend in eastern Oregon Vanessa Swenton (Portland State University)
  • Development of a Design Guideline for Pile Foundations Subjected to Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading Milad Souri (Portland State University)
  • Effect of young and old growth forests on debris flow mobility in southeast Alaska Christian Sifford and Adam Booth (Portland State University)
  • Effects of Coarse Woody Debris on Debris Flow runout and Inundation Area David de Guzman (Portland State University)
  • Evolution of the Southern Oregon Coast Jessica Moore (Portland State University)
  • Geochemical response to thermal energy storage in the Columbia River Basalt aquifer system beneath the Portland Basin, Oregon Ellen Svadlenak (Portland State University)
  • Implications of a Ghost Forest Stratigraphically Associated with the Fourth Prehistoric-Cascadia Earthquake in Netarts Bay, Oregon Jazzy M Graham-Davis, Ashley R. Streig, and Curt D. Peterson (Portland State University)
  • Liquefaction Susceptibility of Willamette Valley Silts Melissa Preciado, Arash Khosravifar, and Diane Moug (Portland State University)
  • Mineralogical, geochemical, and physical characterization of mid-Miocene rhyolites in eastern Oregon Brianna Young, Aleysa Orr and Martin Streck (Portland State University)
  • Mixing of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers across Sauvie Island, Oregon based on stable isotopes (δ18O and δD) of surface water Mae Saslaw and John Bershaw (Portland State University)
  • Revising age and distribution of the Picture Gorge Basalt and their implication for evolution models of Columbia River Basalt volcanism Emily Cahoon, Martin Streck, Anthony Koppers, and Daniel Miggins (Portland State University)
  • Seismic source characterization of faults in the Portland and Tualatin Basins and a Paleoseismic study of the Gales Creek Fault, Oregon Alison E Horst, Ashley R Streig, Ray E Wells (Portland State University), Tom P Guilderson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  • Species Diversity in the Hypertragulid (Mammalia: Artiodactyla) Population of the John Day Basin, Oregon Lana Jewell (Portland State University)
  • Stratigraphy and Age of the Mahogany Mountain Rhyolite in the Lake Owyhee Volcanic Field, Eastern Oregon Robert Jackson and Martin Streck (Portland State University)
  • Tracking the Spatial and Temporal Evolution of the Portland and Tualatin Basins, Northwest Oregon Darby Scanlon, John Bershaw, and Ray Wells (Portland State University)

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